Saturday, 14 May 2016

Make Over

 Oh, my. 

Sometimes when I see some people when I'm on the road I have to wonder why they are dressed the horrible way they are. 

I am in awe of how some people present themselves to the world. 

Some people I just feel really sorry for because they must not realize they can look so much better. 

There used to be a tv show called Ambush Make Over where some stylist would approach random people and offer them a make over.

I used to love that show. 

Sometimes it would bring tears of joy to my eyes.  

And I would just have to give God the glory because some of the make over people were truly blessed the day they were ambushed. 

Really and truly. 

Some of those ambushed folks needed it so badly.

And as for some of the ambushed victims their lives were most likely changed forever. 

Their, after ambushed, eyes were most likely opened wide to the fact of how much nicer they could look. 

I'm not talking about a full overhaul with surgery and the such. 

I'm talking about just the simple act of dressing better. 

I loved that show.

I wish I could do another tv show like that  

Because some people look so dowdy and others are just dressed so badly period. 

I hate to see the drably dressed women who look like they are wearing the dish rag. 

I hate to see men who look like they have on another man's hand me downs. 

Life is hard enough without dressing badly.

And it is always amazing to me that most men dress so badly because most men are a normal weight which means they can wear almost anything. 

Badly dressed men, the simplest way to dress better is to buy a men's fashion magazine, find some looks that you like, then rip out the pages, then give them to any salesman's in any department store and say, "I want to look as close to this as possible". 

Problem solved. 

Easy as heck. 

Men, you can even go to Target or J. C. Penney's and still look very nice.

As for you badly dressed women you can do the same. 

We women do have a lot of different body shapes but there is a magazine that caters for every shape so just apply the same principle. 

It is really not that hard to dress a little nicer. 

And it makes a body feel so much better.

I feel for you unfashionables but I am baffled as to why you do that to yourselves. 

You truly don't have to look like something the cat dragged in. 

Let's make the world a prettier place. 

Try to dress nicer. 

Try it but for your own sake.

Not mine.

Life is much nicer when you feel better about how you look.


I truly used to cry to see how much nicer the ambushed victim looked. 

God truly blessed some of them the day they got ambushed.

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