Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Another Day

Another day. 

Graced by God 

can't you see? 

Lucky me. 

I'm still 


Thanks to His breathing

into me.

There goes the sun

shining so brightly.

Rising on the bad 

and the good just 

as it is supposed to 


How many more 

will I see?

Another day. 

When will I wake

to a black sky?

When the sun has

said his goodbyes?

When there is nothing 

but darkness in 

the sky? 

Another day. 

Oh, lucky me. 

Thanks to God's 

Grace and

His Mercies.

How many more

shining suns

will I see?

I don't know but

I rose today so 

God is, 


still blessing me.

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