Friday, 11 September 2015

My Little Pony

Once I had a little pony. 

He I would ride all through the day. 

And sometimes I would, also, ride him through the night. 

He was just the right height. 

And just as rightly

not too wide. 

With him between 

my clinging thighs 

we would fly. 

He had somewhat of a temper.

Alas, sometimes, he would bite. 

But I still loved him dearly

and his bites 

were, to me, 

him merely


Juicy and sweet 

red apples 

I would give 

him to eat.

I loved to watch him bite. 

At the sight I would just grin. 

To see the juice run 

down his chin. 

Everyday I would have to

give him what he liked. 

Apples in the day


apples in the night. 

Or else my little pony

Would be ready to fight. 

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