Thursday, 24 September 2015

Two Plus Two

Two plus two 

is three.  

If you ask me. 

Night is day. 

And day is night. 

Walking is really 

running and that 

is that. 

Always for me 


are truly not what 

they seem to be.  

Hence people

know to avoid me. 

Yea, me. 

Forever to me 

means never 

And that is how I 

want it be.

Truth means lies

And lies are the truth. 

I hear their giggles. 

I just walk pass.

Laughing as they

try to get the best 

of me. 

Never do their 

whispers ever 

Trouble me.  

I simple walk pass 

them happy 

as I want to be. 

Life is death 

and death is


Nothing they say 

matters anyway. 

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