Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Boo hoo hoo

Boo Who Who. 

Sitting here trying 

not to cry

is what I do.

Wondering where you 

have got to. 

This is what I hate. 

Constantly unsure.  

Constantly you going 

out the door. 

I ask no questions

as you walk out 

looking very cocksure. 

Far be it for me to 


Never me to hinder 

your desires. 

I just sit here 

watching Channel 

Zero as you go.  

They say I'm a fool.

They call me unkind 


As I wait on your


They always say 

little smart shit. 

Just not to my face. 

Some people still 

cherish their life. 

Better that than

losing their

teeth and their

sense of taste

from me smashing 

them in their


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