Saturday, 24 October 2015

Skipping Stones

Here I lie. 

Thoughts skipping 

through my mind

like the slightly flat


I played with

when I was a little 


My thoughts jumping 

at high speeds. 

Just like the skipping 

rocks I threw into 

the sea when no 

one was around


My thoughts 

come so
quickly sometimes

that it almost 

sickens me.

My thoughts flying 

at the

speed of sound. 

Nothing I can do to 

make them stop. 

Just like the rocks 

that I flung into 

the sea. 

Thought after thought 

almost drowning me. 

Thought after thought

they seem to almost

never stop. 

Counting sheep 

never helps as 

I lay there trying 

to sleep.  

I wish that I could 

rest but my thoughts 

won't let me be.

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