Sunday, 20 December 2015



The book "It" by Stephen King scared the hell out of me.

I love to read but I prefer historical romance books.


I am a girl.

I like men in shining armor.

I would read a spooky book every now and then, though.

And to this day I still do.

I got them from my mom most of the time.

She devoured spooky books.

She read "It" and passed it on to me.

Yea, me.

I read it.

No pun intended.

It gave me nightmares almost every night until I finished it.

"It" was so damned scary.

Stephen King released the book in 1986.

And I read the book then.

My mom was always up on the latest scary books.

I'm the same way with romance books.

The movie "It" came out in 1990 as a tv miniseries.

The movie was truly good but as usual the book was, oh, so, much better.

Stephen King has almost erotic way of scaring the hell out you which comes across so much better when read.

"It" was about a group of teens who were pitted against an unheard of evilness.

And Pennywise was the name of that evilness.

They stood alone against a pure evil.

 Their battle against the wicked Pennywise spanned decades.

Their story was horrifying and eye opening.

Never trust a clown.


The movie, even though the book was better, gave Pennywise a real life face


what a face it was.

Tim Curry played the terrible killer clown true to the book and really brought the character to life.

His portrayal of the cold blooded inhuman Pennywise was excellent


His demeanor and shocking clown paint was truly the stuff of nightmares.

The movie was good


as with all books,

the book "It" played with your head more than the movie did.

"It" really played with your mind.

Mr. King sowed little mustard seeds in your brain and let you reap them in your dreams as you slept.

Hence night after night of nightmare after nightmare for me.


My hat is ever off to Mr. Stephen King.

His diabolical mind is a horrific thing.

How does he sleep?

His book "It a gory good read.

It will give you chills and nightmares.

See the movie after you read the book.

Experience the real level of fear the book gives you


then watch the movie.



It was really scary.

"It" by Stephen King showed just how cold life could be.

Thank goodness it was just a book.

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