Monday, 21 December 2015


Some people are always trying to get over on you. 

Always trying to use their little pea-brain brains on you. 

Always trying to get what they think is the best of you. 

Always trying to use their head on you. 

Too bad for them because when they come to me with their so-called wits they are really coming to a gunfight armed with a feather. 

They are so funny. 

You look at them in amazement as you wonder who their little games really work on. 

I mean, come on, the level of their little manipulations is always so juvenile. 

Who believes the bullshit they say? 

It is sad. 

And pathetic. 

Especially when you consider what must be the low level of intelligence of anyone who allows themselves to believe anything the would be manipulator has said.                               

You just have to feel sorry for the would be manipulator's victims because they
must really be stupid. 

And as for the would be manipulator I just laugh. 

And laugh. 

And laugh. 


Who believes your bullshit but a frigging fool? 

Some people are better than me because I hate somebody trying to insult my intelligence. 

That's just me, though. 

Some people are really and truly funny.   

And some people are really and truly stupid


"Not I", said the fly. 

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