Sunday, 20 December 2015

Please Do Not Speak to Me If...

Please do not speak to me if you only want to make snide remarks. 

Please do not engage me in conversation to chat shit. 

People are getting out of control with the snide remarks as they seem to believe you must just suck it up. 

Not happening. 

With me, anyway.

These petty little people normally have the element of surprise so most of the time they get away with chatting shit. 

No sane person expects to hear such rude comments directed at them and the petty little people know it and use it to their advantage. 

They know that you will be so surprised at the little snide remark that they have made that you will be struck a little speechless. 

But the good thing about these petty little people is that they love to chat shit so they will always try you again.


Because fool me once shame on you. 

Fool me twice and the shame is my blame.  

So there will most likely always be another chance to cuss out the petty little person one day. 

But these days I no longer even wait for the next time they talk crap. 

These days as soon as petty little people say something snide to me I let my razor sharp tongue slice them into bits.

In a neighborly loving but curt way. 

I love my neighbor and I turn the other cheek as I put said petty little people right in their petty little place. 

So these days petty little people no longer get a chance to say snide shit to me and get away with it until a next time. 

These days I just go right for their jugular vein then and there. 

I used to do it in high school when it was really a dog eat dog world but I mellowed out.

In high school I would comment on the petty little people's most sensitive issues and laugh. 

Bad acne? 

You are going to hear about it. 

Bad hygiene? 

I am going to let you and the whole classroom know.

You do not do your work and keep getting left back?  

I will comment on how you have been in this same grade three times. 

Sorry but you should not have troubled Trouble. 

As I matured I learned to only unleash my wrath when needed and only in moderation. 

Moderation was always and is always a must for me, for the most part, to this day, because anytime I direct my tongue to hurt it will cut to the bone with the precision of a surgeon's knife.

So moderation was always a must for me. 

I did not want to wound anyone for life, anymore. 


But no more. 

Mellow Me is now a thing of lore.

Try me and see. 

I have started saying anything I feel like say back to these petty little people, again.  

I am done with being polite to pigs.


If you want to dish shit your going to eat it instead.

Tired of petty little people now. 

I now sit waiting for a petty little body to try me these days. 

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