Sunday, 27 December 2015


It's expensive to be a woman. 

We spend a lot more on ourselves than men do. 

And it's not because we are over spenders or because we are wasteful. 

And it is, also, not because we vain, self-centered and frivolous creatures. 

We just have to do what we have to do. 

It is a very heavy burden to bear. 

All the time. 

Just on an average day we spend way more money on getting out of our front door attired than most fellows do.  

Men use about two or three personal hygiene products tops before they leave their front door. 

Those three products are soap, deodorant, and lotion. 

Most likely. 

And hopefully. 

If he is a vain dandy man he will spray on some cologne and quite, possibly, use a solitary hair product. 

And for most men their attire for a basic day normally consist of a shirt, jeans or slacks and shoes. 


Unless he is a pimp.

Or unless he is a male model. 

That is all a man needs to do and he is out the door feeling like a GQ model/Demi-god.  


We, women. 

Most women use those same three products that the fellows use. 

But we add on to that tiny list somewhat. 

We use soap but our soaps are generally at a higher end and scented to give just a hint some exotic fragrance. 

We know how much you guys love to catch that subtle scent of us blowing in the breeze.  

We use deodorant, too. 

We use lotion, also. 


Now the add on.   



Hair gloss. 

Hair spray. 

Body spray.  


Body bronzer. 

Face cream. 

Face sun block. 



Eye liner. 


Brow liner. 

Lip liner. 


And we also wear perfume.  

And that is just some. 

There is always some other product we can buy to put on. 

We wear, also, a shirt, pants or a skirt or dress and shoes. 

But we have many many more add ons. 


Belts, scarfs, garter belts, arm bands, head bands, fake moles, fake nails, fake toenails, hair extensions, fake butt pads,  falsies, false eyelashes, barrettes, etc, etc, et cetera. 

I could go on and on. 

And none of those things are cheap really. 

Because any penny you have to spend adds up to dollars and more dollars. 

Oy, vey. 

Oh, woe is we women.  

Every man wants a hot girl but they act like hotness comes free.

Some men thinks we are just greedy, coveting and love to spend. 

But how do you expect us to be hot girls on a daily basic if we don't spend any money? 

Women like to look good for men.   



Only men dress to make an impression other men. 

Yes, women dress to let other women know we can dress but at the end of the day we dress for men. 

Which is why some women dress very revealing.

Most women dress for men and men have enjoyed our beauty efforts since we left Eden but men behave as if our being so damn awesome just happens for free. 

Some of you dudes act as if little pretty giggling fairies fly above a woman's bed, as we beauty sleep, and drop fendi bags, Christian Louboutin shoes, designer clothes, underwear and make up around the room as we rest blissfully unaware.

As spectacular as that sounds that is not what happens. 

At all. 

We shop. 

And we shop. 


And we shop. 

We never stop shopping and we never have enough. 

You men don't notice how fabulous we are until we start to drop off and then you are off to the next woman. 

But you men bitch and moan about the money we women spend to look good for you. 


You complain about it when it is our money. 

You complain about it when it is your money

Shopping is a dirty expensive job but someone has to do it. 

We don't understand why the money is gone so fast, either. 


Things are expensive, don't you know. 

And most likely you guys gave us the money begrudgingly, anyway, and as soon we look not as good as usual or if our looked starts to get a little boring you leave us and say we changed. 


We women do change if a man gives us a reason to.  


So we women stop shopping. 

But no shopping means we turn into this. 


Okay, we don't look exactly like this 


At least that is how we feel. 

We give in. 

We stop shop, shop, shop. 

We start giving you all our time and we stop spending money on ourselves and we try believing that we can trust you to accept us without all the constant shopping and you get bored or even disappointed in our appearance and leave us. 

For a hot girl. 

So now we have no new clothes to wear because we stopped shopping. 

And you are telling your boys how we dropped off our game. 
Being a woman is expensive. 

If you can't afford to help a hot girl stay looking hot for you than you should talk to a not so hot girl who you can afford. 

You know, your level of woman. 

And then you don't have to say that we want money all the time. 

Or that we are greedy. 

You can move along and say you can't afford a real hot girl. 

Because hot is not free and why should you benefit by seeing our hotness for free? 

Pretty has a price.  

We are only trying to look good for you.


Would you men prefer for your woman to look good or to not look good? 


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