Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Face in the Mirror

Oh, wasted life. 

Pining for a love 

that was not 


That was not there.

Too late now 


you should have

just let go. 

The love now covered in dust.

But still it cuts. 

Desires wasted. 

Heart aching. 

Time's hand 



The tears. 

All the tears cried


still have not 


The last little bit

of love

still refusing to die. 


Bitter regrets.

We missed what could

have been the best.

Too late now.

Love's taken it's bow. 

The curtain came down.

Why did love 

go away?

Why did love pass us by? 

Does love always have to

say goodbye?

Nothing but memories

that bring only pain. 

Time did not erase it. 

The ache remains. 

The face in the mirror

no longer

the same. 

No chance now. 

Never again. 

The love is gone.

Does it ever mend?

Does it ever meet again

like childhood friends? 

But not in this case. 

The love went to waste.

Now all that is left is a bitter taste. 

No smile for the love 

that was shared. 

Those thoughts only



And hot burning tears. 

Even after all these years. 

Where did life go? 

How short it is I did not know.

All that love wasted. 

Nothing to show

for it but

sad faces.

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