Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy As A Pig


I have to wonder sometimes why certain people smell so bad.

I have to wonder why some people don't understand that the way they smell is causing you to choke.

I am very upset with the constant bad odor of you smelly people.

What gives?

Why do you stink?

Do you not realize that we know you do not bathe?

Why are you making us suffering?

Soap is cheap and water is everywhere.

The bus station.

The gas station bathroom.

Even homeless people can always find somewhere to bathe but they have it hard so we can understand homeless people not bathing regularly.

God bless the homeless people.

But for you dirty sheltered people go wash up, please.

You smell real bad, sometimes.


I blame the smells coming from you smelly folks, somewhat, on your friends and associates, too.

You guys who are friendly with stinky people allow the stinky to continue to stink.

You sit there and put up with the funk and the stinky person, then, thinks no one can smell them.

You, women, that put up with a smelly man's arm odor make it bad on us people that don't want to smell sweaty underarms.

So, we, gagging from his smell, people, are on the bus or in the grocery store and we have to smell his gross sweaty smell.

It his fault and it is you ladies' fault, too.

Tell him he smells.


I have been around couples and one of them stinks, badly.

Who does that?

You nasty nasty men who know she stinks are one of the reasons that I have to be fearful walking in the ladies room.

I do not feel that it is right that I have to be afraid to go into the ladies' room all the time.

It's disgusting in there sometimes and then when you come out people think your the reason it smells so horrible.

Damn it.

Go bathe, dirty girls.

She is disgusting and you men are, too.

Instead of deep sea fishing you should be telling her she smells and she needs a bath.

You guys with the stinky women are really and truly nasty.

I am tired of smelling stinking people.

And for all you stinky people out there you're not fooling anyone.

You smell and you need to go take a shower and then soak in the tub.

For a long long time.

Stinky smell bad people.


If you do not bathe you will stink.

If you think we do not smell you we do.

And all you disgusting people that put up with a disgusting odor coming from every part of a smelly person's body you're just as nasty or even nastier than the stinky person.

And I am not talking about sick people.

God bless them and their smell.

Fresh scented people unite.
Let us all start to tell stinky people that they stink so we can stomp out the dreaded foul odors of unwashed flesh forever.

Together we can stop gagging on the smelly stinky people.

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