Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ladies of the Night

I have been plagued with women of a dubious character in my life since I can remember. 

I have had only a few close relationships but it seems like every man I ever had a next chick wanted. 

Which is low but understandable. 

I apparently have good taste in the men I decided to stay around. 


But, unfortunately for me, the men I had were highly desirable to a certain type of blood thirsty disgusting female.

As Chuck D would say, "there is a five letter word to describe her character". 

Meaning they're a word that sounds like "more" but starts with "wh". 

So I hate them. 

People seem to think I hate one or two of them but I hate them all. 

I forgive them but I simply hate a whore. 


Point blank.

Not from today or yesterday. 

A long long time I have hated you "ladies".  

And I use that word loosely. 

Time after time a dirty nasty female has annoyed me. 

Men will be men but you nasty flea females who pursue and sleep with anything that moves sick my stomach. 

For years. 

And years. 

I have never understood what motivates women to risk their health, self-respect and reputation for a few measly pennies and gifts that fade away.

Like their health and limited charms.  

If they even get a penny or a small present. 

Ha ha. 

The whores that say they do not want the man's money are the funniest. 

You sleep with mostly anyone but you claim you do not need their money? 

You ladies, and, again, I use that word very loosely, are a real joke. 

Why sleep with anyone and have not a flipping thing to show for it?

Pretty is not cheap so why are you? 


Do these so called ladies get a thrill by being with what people consider a name brand man? 

Do they not realize that their lifestyle will destroy their bodies and no man will ever be satisfied with them again? 

They give away the milk for free and leave nothing for the farmer that is to now care for them? 


Some men are stupid.

just May-be, eh?
But I digress. 

And the old whores expect what?

To be treated with respect and love?

Good for you whores but please to let me tell you all that you all are fools.  

And most likely infected with something or other. 

And to me you all are just more of the long line of hoes that I have laughed at as I avoid breathing your air. 

My men have always been something you gals want, eh?

Or is it because he was mine that you wanted him so badly? 

But that's another tale, eh ? 


You whores, past, present and future, please to get in the non-winner line with the rest of the loser whores that I dislike as I pray for your most likely infected bodies. 

Abba bless you all. 

You chicks are indestructible, anyway, though so.....


Who sleeps with a man just because?

Who dogs out themselves, puts themselves at risk and is manhandled until nothing is left?

Only a man behaves like that. 

But you girls must think that a woman can be a man and still be treated like a woman, eh? 


You get what you get and that is not much. 

And most likely so much more than you really wanted, eh?

Well, to this very day I still have whores in my life. 

Young whores and old whores and you all still sick my stomach. 

Do you not realize that we good girls have been good for a reason? 

We good girls know that good health is a must. 

And we know that money doesn't mean love and love is more than money. 

We also know that no man wants an ocean to drown in. 

Well, only foolish men and who wants a fool?


I hate them. 

I always have. 

And I always will. 

Stay far from me. 

Please and thanks. 

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