Friday, 26 February 2016

No Longer Do We Play

I don't see you. 

But you see me. 

This is the way 

it has to be. 

No longer do we play. 

No more kisses in

the night

or day. 

Far from you is 

where I now


You look over. 

My head I bow

but even still

all I see is you in 

the crowd. 

I no longer even wish

things were the way

they were. 

When just the thought

of you made me purr.

What a child to you

I must have seemed. 

To me you were like a


A knight shining

but you were just


Now my love just 

lays on the floor


I should have known 


I should have known


were just being 


My heart from my 

body you severed. 

Was it all just for fun?

A tickle for you and 

then done?

It must have been. 

Head hurting me as I

remember when. 

As I remember then. 

You come closer. 

I move further

as another piece of 

me dies.

Do you desire to see

if tears are still in

my eyes? 

If the tears you caused 

still linger?

Still remain?

Your joy at my 

hurting plain. 

Hurting me was so 

easy for you.

Even though my love

was true. 

So many tears I gave 


And you never even 

had to try. 

Did you even say 


Hot tears I blink back.

At your joy in trying to

crush me

I no longer wonder 


Against a wall 

You relax.  

Mocking me with your

cold stare. 

In your eyes I glance

to see your dare. 

To you this is all a


To me 

I will never be 

the same. 

The music plays. 

Your gloating smile


Closing my eyes


I see you 

when you were with 


Was your caressing 

touch really a bluff?

Were your tender 

kisses just to

confuse me?

Just to make me fall

all the more deeply?

I risk a glance as 

people dance but all

I see is your blank 


Fool I to think you

ever truly cared. 

To you my soul

I bared.

With you I let my 

passions flare. 

As you laughed to 


My feelings to you 

apparently never 

never meant much. 

I was wrong to believe

in your touch.

Just one of many. 

And apparently fools 

like me you had plenty. 

I shut my eyes. 

And open them as my 

feet start to carry me. 

To the door I go. 

The pain hurting me 


Not even a careless 

glance you throw. 

I leave in pain

and happily you know.

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