Friday, 4 March 2016

A Friend Like Me

I wish I had a friend like me.   

I am a good friend. 

If you ask me. 


I have even given my so-called friend the shirt off of my back. 


And got stabbed in my back by that same person. 


When I am your friend I am kind and loyal. 

If I have it I will make sure that you are ok. 

If I know you're a little short on money I will buy the Burger King or whatever it is we want. 

And I do not expect you to keep spending money that you don't have. 

Especially if I have more money than you.

If I want to go out and you want to come but have nothing to wear and no money to go out I will buy you something to wear and carry you out. 

That is just how I am. 

Money is not more than your needs. 

And wants. 

I have it and you do not at the moment. 

And I am not expecting you to pay me back if you just do not have it. 

And I would never make you eat "humble pie". 


I am just not like that and money is to spend. 

I am a good friend. 

I am always up for a lark. 

I will always have your back if we have to defend it. 

I will always tell you if I think you are right. 

And I will always tell you if I think you are wrong. 

I always respect my friends' feelings and I always have an ear to listen to your joys and sorrows. 

I am always happy for your triumphs and always sorry for your failures. 

I am a good friend. 

I wish I had a friend like me. 

My whole life would be even better. 

Because I would know that my friend Trouble is a source of help and unconditional friendship. 


If only I was friends with me. 


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