Saturday, 12 March 2016

Addijah Palmer goes to Prison

No body.

No murder.

If kartel was really white and not just bleached out white he would have gone free.

I am almost sure.

Please do not be a hypocrite.

The man is in jail and all now no body.

Look how many people run away from Jamaica!

I am not a supporter of violence but I do support a person's right to be treated just like the other "white" guy.


If it was your son or brother how would you feel?


I'm sorry but something is not right when a person's right to fair trial goes out the window because he bleaches his skin.

This is just one person's opinion but imagine if it was YOU.

And they locked you up for basically nothing?

How would you feel?

Or imagine if they locked you up for all the illegal things you do in the dark as you try to pass judgment on the other man.

Funny but people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

You smoke weed?

You should go to prison so go hand yourself in.

You sleep with underage people?

So go turn yourself in.

You drunk drive?

Well, before you kill someone's child turn your fucking self in.

Nobody made fools follow him and bleach their skin so what are you vexed with him for?

I have to wonder why you really are worrying about the next man when your life could not stand up to anyone's scrutiny.

Don't hate me because I choose to better myself instead of trying to pass judgment on Kartel.

He and I were never friends but NO FUCKING BODY MEANS NO  MURDER.

Now when the body reach lock his ass up but until then I just feel sorry that another ghetto youth has been treated unfairly.

It could be you.

Remember that.

That verdict opens the door wider for YOUR ass to go to prison for nothing.

Remember that.

So when your trying to sit there feeling all high and mighty remember that the same way they took away his freedom is the same way they will take away yours.

And I hope you remember the day you laughed at Kartel's verdict.

And when your freedoms are being fucked over remember that people who stand for nothing fall for anything.

All now some of we should be in prison for the real shit we did and still do.

But fear not.

A Just Judge is coming.


And for all who don't believe in God or His Risen Son remember that bitch named Karma.

You soon get just what you deserve.

Me, too.

So I pray to my God for mercy because I am a sinner.

I don't know who else is because I can't see in their hearts so I mind my business.

Maybe you should, too, before the courts take a gander at your ass.

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