Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Living Dead


I hate zombies. 

Every since I was forced to watch "zombies" by my bigger siblings who could have cared less about giving me another reason for therapy. 

They made me watch the "Night of the Living Dead". 

At night.                                                                                    

In the dark. 

And my mommy was not home. 

They were mean. 

I couldn't believe that the dead rising was actually happening. 

On tv, anyway. 

But to my young mind it was almost real. 


It was horrible. 

And it stuck with me. 

And as more and more zombies films started to be released I had almost come to believe one day we might just have real zombies. 

And then I read about the girl who got high on some new drug and tried to eat some guy's face. 

So now we do have zombies.


Watch out. 

Soon we will wake up and they will be waiting to eat our brains. 

Ever since that horrible "Night of the Living Dead" night I have gone to bed wondering if I was going to wake up to no more people alive and zombies trying to eat my brain. 


Especially now they have made a drug to turn people into zombies.


And they are not even releasing the drug in the air or some such.


They have the druggies buying it. 

Paying to eat brain. 



I hate zombies. 

I always did. 

I don't want to wake up to a "True Zombies" morning. 


Just say no to "zombie" drugs.                                                                               

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