Wednesday, 27 April 2016


i'm feeling the Bern. to think that hillary and trump are having grown people put out of their town hall meetings is the biggest joke. between her and trump i don't know which one is worst. trump has them fist fighting on the world's tv. is this the example that we want set for the children of this generation? that violence and being pushed out of a town meeting is a good thing? did three white men just throw a young black girl in the back of a van and drive off with her? is that what trump in office means? that are young black women can now be at risk of being snatched up in front of witnesses? who gives hillary or trump the right to tell grown people that they must leave anywhere? as for cruz he may be not the president for this term but at least he has enough sense to know that we don't need people who are not really male or female in a restroom with our young unprotected children. what in case they are dressed that way with the sole intention of snatching a child? that would horrible for any child. 

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