Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Puddle

I woke up 


stubbed my toe.

It hurt so badly.  

Almost as badly as my heart.

I slipped in the tub. 

Hit my leg on the bending part. 

It hurt almost as badly as my heart. 

Slipped going down the stairs. 

Tea burned my tongue.

And to think the day had just


Cut my finger slicing pears. 

It all hurt so badly. 

Almost as badly as my heart. 

Tripped going out the door. 

Fell to my knees

hitting the floor. 

Walked down the street in 

so much pain

but still the ache in my heart

remained the same.

The ache in my heart 


my pains in every other part. 

A big man bumped me down. 

People just walked around


there sitting on the ground. 

An old lady helped me up 

but under my weight she 


and she fell on me 


me hard with her knee. 

It hurt so badly. 

But in my heart a deeper pain

would just not part. 

A kind man pulled the old lady


I to our feet. 

I started back down the street.

And stepped right into a 

puddle knee deep. 

There I stood and started to cry 

just like a little child. 

A lady came over

and pulled me out. 

Told me wipe my eyes 


to stop pout. 

I dried my tears.

Smiled to my ears. 

And went on my way

grinning in pain. 


then and there,

I better 

get used to 

this painful life 

without you being


Walked on bravely


then I stumbled

thinking of you


broke my new shoe.

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