Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Damn Rude


The Exclamation Point and I. 

I have never been a fan of the exclamation point. 

To me it is a rather rude mark.  

I have actually been in disagreements with more than one person about my feelings on the matter, too. 

"!", "!", "!"?


The look of it to me is even sort of nasty. 

One person argued that is was just a punctuation mark like the question mark. 

But to me it is almost as if the exclamation mark is a pointing finger. 

Pointing at me as it follows behind some unfortunate statement. 

The exclamation mark is also rather demanding.

It is the henchman of the punctuation marks. 

The question mark sort of looks like dopey and questioning.

The period just minds his business and quietly ends a sentence.


The comma says, "hang on there's more".

The exclamation mark yells and screams the ending of the sentence to you.


Life is difficult enough without a rude punctuation mark.

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