Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The "How To Be A" Pep Talk

I once had someone give me a "how to be a whore" pep talk. 

Who does that? 

I will not even say who. 

I guess they thought they were being helpful but I really do not need to know how to sleep around. 

They stated and I quote, "as long as you do not hurt yourself or any one else you can sleep with anybody.


Which I guess is ok if I wanted to be a whore or a man but I do not want to be a man or a whore. 

I was under the impression that love, marriage and monogamy was the correct way of living but apparently my way of thinking is antiquated or just backwards. 

So I was given the "how to be a whore" pep talk which apparently is not a "how to be a whore" pep talk but a "how to be happy go lucky" pep talk. 


No matter how safe sex is it is never that safe. 

So would not my maybe catching a dirty disease or infection be considered me hurting me? 

And would not me giving away all the milk for free leave me open to being still single in the future because I have nothing to offer a new man except conversation?  

Might not that hurt me?

Being used up, unwed, all alone and, possibly, diseased or infected does not sound like it will not hurt me. 

There is a lot of gray area about what could or could not hurt me in their "how to be happy go lucky" pep talk. 


To me I can see clearly that the amount of "hurting myself" by being "happy go lucky" far surpasses the amount of "hurting myself" I would experience by waiting to have love, marriage and monogamy. 

Maybe it is just me but being done out, possibly, polluted and bouncing from man to man without "hurting myself" is not really sane or possible.

But if I wanted to be a whore or a man their "how to be a GOOD whore" pep talk might have made me feel a little better about attempting to be a risky happy whore. 

Good looking out. 

I think.

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