Thursday, 28 April 2016

Throw Back-ing

The Icon Concert which took place on Saturday, July 28

in the St. William Grant Park in South was an inspiring

addition to Jamaica's 50th Year of Independence

celebrations. The free concert which was sponsored by

Lime and CB Chicken and organized by the Kingston and

St. Andrew Corporation in association with the Jamaica

Vendors and Higglers' Association was the final event

of the Downtown Sizzling Summer Savings event which

consisted of three days of shopping and entertainment

held in Downtown Kingston.

  Under the clear blue evening sky and in the sparkling

clean city park which smelled sweetly of numerous

flowers the crowd, full of all walks of life, were

entertained by some of Jamaica's greatest Music Icons.

Ken Booth, Minister Carlene Davis and Elephant Man were

a few of the Icons that performed and entertained the

packed crowd free of cost.

Happy people. Big up to Lime and CB Chicken. .jpg

The event was MC-ed by Stacious, a well known Jamaican

songbird, who showed that she was not just a singer but

that she could, also, hold her own as a Mc. Her co-MC

for the night was Dj Bambino, who, also, gave a

wonderful performance. The night also showcased Spice,

Ninja Man, Tanto Blacks, Demarco, Tidal, Nazzle Man,

Omari and Prodigal Son.

The evening also featured a tribute to the man who is

leading, by far, the Guinness Greatest Dancehall Icons

of All Time Contest presently being held, Mr. Rodney

Price, otherwise known as Bounty Killer.

Spice, who gave the best tribute of the night, to me,

to Mr. Price, said she felt too feminine in her

colorful top, black tights and long fabulous blonde wig

and then proceeded to remove her wig revealing her own

black hair braided back in true Bounty Killer fashion

and then she, also, took off her pretty flowery blouse

and revealed a tight black tank top. Once done Spice

was truly in Bounty Killer's signature all black every thing

style. She went on to prove that not only could she look

the part but she could also be just as cross, angry and

miserable as the wicked Bounty Killer as she Dj-ed just

as hard as Killer doing one of his greatest hits of all

time, "Look Into My Eyes". Spice finished her tribute

to Bounty Killer with another of his tunes, "Ready For

Them" as she had the crowd eating out of her hand.

Spice looking mighy Killer-like for her tribute to the Iconic Bounty Killer. .jpg

Elephant Man gave a stellar performance as usual and

even went beyond the call of duty when he called the

fluffiest girl in the crowd to join him on stage. He

then told the young fluffy miss to run across the stage

and jump on him which she did but unfortunately for her

and Eli, he couldn't manage all that fluffiness in the

evening and they both hit the stage. Maybe we will all have

to chip in and send Eli some peanut punch. Okay, guys? Lol.

Elephant Man shining. .jpg

Ninja Man, one of the night's Icons, also had the crowd

pretty much where he wanted them as soon as he stepped

on the stage wearing all white, looking well and very

much rested after just being recently released after

three years of incarceration and still facing the

possibility of more prison time. Ninja man gave one of

his first performances in years but he showed that he

clearly has not forgotten how to rock the crowd as he

Dj-ed hit after hit along with his famous song "Border

Clash" for the people. Ninja Man called General B on

stage and they performed a recently produced

collaboration about Ninja Man's past jail time.

Predator then joined them on stage and received huge

applauds for two of his more popular hits. Ninja left

the stage saying he had two more shows to do in country

that night and was gone.

Ninja Man and Stacious. .jpg

  The Man of the Icon night, in more ways then one, then

stepped on stage in his all black attire, looking

mighty Bounty Killer-like with his hair, also, braided

and twisted back. As soon as the crowd spotted him they

greeted him with screams. The General started with his

older hits but proved that they were anything but old

as young and old song along with him. His popular song

"Book" was a hit with the schoolers, who had the Dj on

his best behavior as he stated that would have to tone

down his show a little in consideration of all the

minors in the crowd. The Warlord stated that Dancehall

Music was doing well these days but he has not heard

the "Struggle" in the music for a long time now. Bounty

Killer then asked' "Who is deejaying for them, the

ghetto people?" And he then proceeded to show the

ghetto people that he was still their advocate as he

Dj-ed his latest song about poor people's struggles.

Then it was the ladies' time as BK showed that he can

romance the females just as easily as he can dj "Bad

Man Tunes" as he performed for the ladies, "Good To Go"

and "Wine For The General". The always outspoken

entertainer then stated that he made the song "Wine For

The General" so that every man could find a lady and

have her "wine" for him. The Dj said he was tired of

not seeing couples on the dancefloor and when the men

hear that song it was time for them to find a female

partner. The Icon then did his mega hit "Nuh Fren Fish"

and left the stage as the crowded clapped loudly for

the night's Honored Icon.

Hush. The Icon of the night. Bounty Killer. Cross, Angry and Honoured..jpg

  All and all, the night was a wonderful experience that

brought out the crowds and all the beautiful people.

The former MP James Robertson was in attendance as well

as Mayor Angella Brown-Burke. Ian Telfer, Sharon Burke

and Q-45 were also cooling out backstage. The Lime

girls added some extra spice to the night which went on

without a hitch. The park was so inviting that the

crowd seemed reluctant to go home... but all good

things have to come to an end and the crowd slowly left

the venue. It was really a wonderful concert that was

well received and I am sure will be well remembered.

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