Thursday, 21 April 2016

You Rang???


I guess it seems I am full of pet peeves. 

Some odd. 

Some not. 

Such is life.

Please someone tell me why people iMessage, what's app, Facebook IM, text or even leave a message for you to call them and take forever to reply? 

Weren't you the one minding your business and here comes their attempt to contact you for whatever reason? 

When someone contacts me I try to reply when their message comes. 

Why text me if you apparently don't need me enough to reply in a timely manner?

If I miss the phone call I did but normally a body will call the miss-ee of the phone call right back. 

So why do you not answer the phone? 

Why did you call me? 

Why did you text me? 

Why did you iMessage me?

I can not take people sometimes.

What was the purpose of wasting my time? 

They make you wait forever and by the time they get back to you your mad at them. 

People are weird. 

And I just wish they would do it over there.

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