Tuesday, 10 May 2016

And Just Like That

He tore up my sky. 

He ripped up my ground. 

All as I didn't make a 


He walked away.

Goodbye he didn't even 


I wondered if he was even 


But real he did feel.

His touch was real


maybe it was just a dream.  

A dream touch that to

him, apparently, never

meant much. 

He pulled up his collar.  

Walked away not expecting 

me to follow. 

Not caring that there would

be no tomorrow. 

Not caring there would be

no next week. 

Not a backward glance did

he sneak.  

I know because I peeked. 

Maybe he is hollow. 

Maybe his heart is just 


He never knew that an

arrow had already shot 

my heart out of my chest. 

Him leaving couldn't 

hurt because inside me

was nothing left. 

He buttoned up his coat. 

My goodbye got caught in

my throat. 

His eyes mocked as

his smile was a gloat. 

Invisible shrug of 

his shoulders 


just like that it was over.

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