Wednesday, 11 May 2016

And Nothing But

It was grace. 

I never believed 


Many a time 

I should not

have survived

but grace shined on me. 

Instead of the end 

still I am alive. 

None of my strives. 

None of my tries.

None of that brought 

me here. 

Saving grace brought 

because He is near. 

Sometimes I walked 


Sometimes I walked 


but still He was 

near to me

every day. 

I tried to be strong. 

I tried to be safe 

but He alone brought

me to this place. 

At times I smiled. 

At times I cried. 

But through it all

He said you are still


Still My child. 

I can remember pain. 

I can remember shame.  

He pulled me through them 

as He whispered my name. 

And in my ear I could plainly


"I am Near. 

Shed not a tear". 

But it was hard. 

I wanted to give in.

But with every new day 

He said begin. 

Begin today. 

And again I prayed. 

With every new day

I began again. 

With every new day 

to Him I ran. 

'Twas His grace that let

me stand up. 

'Twas His grace that  

raised me up. 

'Twas Him and 

nothing but.

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