Thursday, 5 May 2016


I don't think.

I have a strict rule about that sort of thing. 

Thinking leads to all manner of bullshit. 

I have gotten to the point where I am going through life on auto-pilot without thinking. 

And you, by now, should know who is in charge of the auto-piloting.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how in control of my life I think I am, I am really not in control of even a small part of it. 

When I look back on all the "choices" I have made I see clearly that my so-called choices were actually what I was expected to do. 

Everything I have ever done was a grand design to get me where I am at now. 

So I no longer think. 

I just go through the motions of life as they unfold.

I, also, no longer think because I have "discovered" my purpose in life. 

My purpose in life is not to amass a fortune. 

Not to learn all I can to be a worthy citizen of Heaven. 

My purpose in life is to love God with all my heart and I am good to go. 


Now I am not saying I do not strive to be a worthy soul or that being broke is an option. 

I am saying that in my real reality there is nothing more important than Love. 

And God is the greatest Love there is. 

So my life is straight. 

My fears are non-existent.

And life is good.

Yehweh is in control. 

Good or bad He gets me where I am to be. 

And He loves me every second, every minute and every day so why should I not love Him the same? 

It is a hard road to travel every once in a while but He has brought me through all and I have faith that He will continue to do so.

Lucky me.


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