Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Be Not Afraid

I was strong when 

I thought 

I was weak. 

I was weak even when 

I thought I was strong.

I was right when I thought I was wrong. 

Sometimes I was wrong

when I thought 

I was right. 

I was happy

even when 

I thought 

I was sad. 

I was sad 

even when

I thought

I was happy.  

I was poor when 

I thought 

I was rich.

And rich when I thought 

I was poor. 

I thought I closed some doors. 

I thought I opened up 

even more.

I thought I would just collect 


But He took me off the shelf. 

I thought my feet carried me. 

I thought I could see.

I thought I knew love.

I thought I knew me. 

But then one day

as I lay


I heard Him say,

I am your strength. 

I am your weakness. 

I am your right. 

I am your wrong.

I am your happy.  

I am your sad. 

I am your rich.

I am your poor. 

I opened that door.

I closed even more. 

I made you dust. 

I took you up. 

When you were weak it was 

to make you seek.

When you were wrong it was to 

make you strong. 

When you were sad it was to 

make you happy. 

When you were poor it was to

make you rich. 

When some doors shut it was 

to help you up. 

When time lingered 

it was to

remind you that life is not 

to be rushed. 

I am your feet. 

More so when 

the road is


I am your eyes. 

You are my prize. 

I am your Love. 

Give it to Me.

I am you, my child. 

You are of Me. 

Filled with gifts and treasures 

further than eyes can 


You are my child. 

Be not afraid. 

I go before you 

even til the

end of days.

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