Thursday, 5 May 2016

I Have Gotten Over My Fright

I had a friend. 

He died a sad death. 

But he kept coming 


He would not stay under

the hard ground. 

He would not leave me 


Everywhere I heard his 

pathetic moan.

Everywhere I seen his 

hopeless face. 

Even after I put away my 

black lace. 

Up to Heaven I hoped he

would go

even though down below 

is the place 

I thought he ought to 


But, alas, to neither did he float. 

Preferring to haunt me 


gleefully gloat. 

Late in the night.

Early in the day. 

Him always there. 

Never going away. 

What a fright. 

Dead eyes

watching me 

in the night. 

Never alone 

but, oh, so lonely. 

A dead man I could see


could no longer 

caress slowly.  

A dark shadow of a man 

that was no longer real.

Like a deep cut that refuses 

to heal. 

He alone was dead. 


he alone was in my head.

I shut my eyes tight. 

I fought him with all 

my might. 

He wanted me to cry 

all through the night.

Pleasure he got out of

twisting the knife. 

Misery craving friends. 

He could not 


that his death was the end. 

Still he is there


I no longer care. 

I ignore his stare.

And smile through the night. 

I have gotten over

my fright. 

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