Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Papa, Please

Laying back

but not at all relaxed. 

Laying here

while you are there. 

I twist and turn.

For this I have yearned. 

And yearned. 

Will I ever learn? 

That patience is a virtue. 

I know this is true. 

But not when it comes to

waiting on you. 

I just naturally hate waiting on you. 

No matter how many things

I have to do to pass 

the time.  

Anything that doesn't

Include you is a waste


precious time. 

But finally you're near. 

Finally you're here.

I wiggle. 

I twist. 

I turn. 

For you I yearn. 

I see you under your 

lowered eyelids 

watching me.

Toying with your 

little exotic pet

as you continue to

put my lesson in

patience to the test.  

Pressing myself to you

I try so hard not to be

a pest. 

I know you need your rest

but my need takes over me.

I spin around

and get

on my knees.

I kneel over you  

and whisper

"Oh, Papa, please, now,

Papa, Please."

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