Saturday, 7 May 2016

Soon Time

I didn't know what to say 


All I felt was pain today. 

Same way I felt yesterday. 

I told myself tomorrow will be


I told myself tomorrow will be 


That tomorrow all the pain will 

surely go away.

I knew it was a lie.

As I lay there and cried. 

Nothing ever gets better. 

Things only get worse. 

Born under a bad sign.

Born under a curse. 

Tears and more tears. 

That have just gotten 

worse through 

the years.

Now the end is nearing. 

Still no end of my crying. 

Almost sure after dying 

I will 

still be weeping.

Only pain today. 

Just like yesterday. 

A personal vendetta. 

A deep strong hate. 

Has been kept against me

faithfully to this date.  

Soon it will completely win. 

Soon I will give in to that final 


And take myself away.

To where there is no more 


To no longer live this way. 

Soon time to give up 


walk away.

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