Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I Said To Thin Air

The night dropped down

on the upper side of town. 

From outside I heard not 

a sound. 

In front of me stood a

headless woman 

in a boring ballgown. 

As I sat here looking

lovely in a blood red 


and tried not to stare. 

Her gown had no bangles

or bows. 

Just a plain boring 

gown whose bodice was

not even low. 

Almost a thing of woe. 

Where her head was I 

could not see. 

I did not know. 

As I sat there and

wondered what she 

wanted of me. 

Her fingers were there

with golden rings



her hands, too. 

Even her unfortunate

serviceable shoes. 

I wondered what those 

hands could do 

for the beheaded woman

standing there

if she had no head with 

thoughts to hands 

to share. 

As I continued trying 

not to stare. 

"Pleasant weather we're 

having", I said to thin air. 

She waved her hand as

if to say she didn't care.

And just went on

standing there. 

Good manners prevailed 

so I tried again. 

Determined that her head 

was there 

I would pretend. 

"What a lovely gown you're

wearing, my dear", I said 

as I addressed the 

badly dressed

woman standing there

with no head 

as I sat there in blood red. 

She blatantly ignored me

so I rose to my feet and 

said "if you'll pardon me, 


now I'm going to bed"

and then I walked away 


from the 



woman with no head

in my lovely ballgown

a shade of blood red.

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