Sunday, 1 May 2016

the tares

No one seems to make sense anymore. 

People seem to stand for nothing. 

I am not talking about standing for a stand of some sorts. 

Be it politics or war or some such. 

I am talking about people in everyday life.

People seem to have turned into some real little worthless self-serving devils. 

They have harden their hearts to a point where anything they want goes. 

They care for no one but themselves and find any excuse to remain that way. 

And when you are deluding yourself saying to yourself that their conscience must be plaguing them they are really happy-go-lucky and have moved on in their worthlessness.

Society has always been a weak excuse for a man, in the words of Slick Rick, but since his singing this people's heartlessness has just gotten worse. 

Life has become so distasteful to me. 

I have seen such low and disgusting behavior done by people that I have almost ceased to be alive. 

I have had to watch people, figuratively, die to me en masse over the years. 

Just when I think that a person has achieved a new senior level of low behavior along comes another person and debunks that theory.

I have heard the most pathetic excuses from evil wicked people who think they have fooled me. 

They are not fooling the world because the world is on their side.  

I feel almost like "I am Legend". 

I feel almost completely alone sometimes because all around me are the true Living Dead. 

How can you harden your heart against your brother, your sister, your friend, your lover, etc.?

How can you see someone suffering and not care? 

Not even the man on the street but your own blood?

I am confused. 

I am sick to my stomach. 

I am hurt.

All around me is an imitation of life. 

I see walking breathing corpses talking and laughing and looking out only for themselves and giving any and every excuse for it as they forget how much they have been given. 

I am a tortured soul. 

I look around me and see clearly the tares. 

The evil ones who seem to have overgrown all the good people.


How can you look in the mirror knowing that anything goes as long as you did not have to do shit for anyone? 

Even at the threat of a truly dire situation you do not do a thing to help anyone but yourselves? 

All of you sick my stomach. 

I will pray for you all to get what you deserve from my stand point.

Thank God that He is your Judge and not me because I am not buying any of your fake reasons for being pieces of shit. 

I hope you all rot, the hell, in Hell. 

Have a nice day.

who the cap fit make them wear it. smile, devils. 

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