Monday, 9 May 2016

Worth Me

Like a switch

I cut it off. 

Like a bitch 

I just stopped 

giving a shit.

It happened so quickly. 

Fuck it 

I said simply. 

I stepped away. 

That very day.

And everything you were to me 


just passed away. 

I closed my eyes and tried 

to cry

but I just couldn't give a shit 

anymore so my eyes 

stayed dry. 

I thought it would have hurt. 

I thought it should have hurt.

But one epiphany was all it 

took to see that you were 

just dirt. 

A flash of insight showed me 

in an instant that you were

just not worth it.  

I doubt you ever were 


love causes things 

to blur.

Causes the eyes not to see the 


Causes the heart to deny the 


Thank goodness it's gone

and that it took you along.

Now when I see you I have to 

stare hard. 

Wondering what you really are. 

Cause the you,

that you are, 

could have never been 

what I saw. 

Well, I have come from far 

away from where you are.

Still can not believe that for you 

I lowered the bar.  

You were never ever

worth me going 

anywhere at all.

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