Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bounty Killer Very Live Throwback

Last Tuesday, December the Second, saw the return of Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records' live concert series and this time it featured the Guinness' Reggae Icon Bounty Killer. 

The day which was full of rain turned into another beautiful night in Kingston and the people came out in their numbers to see the world renowned Bounty Killer. 

The crowd was still trying to reach into the building, which is located in Marketplace, Kingston 6, when I arrived at 10:00 pm and thankfully T&R's Marketing and Events Manager, Kemoi Burke, had my name on the media list or I might not have even made it into the ram packed venue.

The stage show was hosted by the hostess with the most-est, Stacious, who was sporting yet another fabulous hairstyle.

And the show started promptly at 10:30 with Bounty Killer's Alliance crew members K-Queens. 

K-Queens gave a wonderful show and I was delighted to see how much they have grown in their performance over the years. 

The identical twins have grown from hardcore tomboy girl warriors into slightly more mellow young women warriors with their fare share of sex appeal. 

They had the men and the ladies moving to their new more grown up style and they left the stage with the crowd wanting more.

Up next was another major member of Bounty Killer's Alliance Crew, Iyara.  

He gave the crowd a short but spicy set and left the stage in a blast of cheers.

Then it was time for Mr. Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer. 

The crowd greeted Bounty Killer as they would have greeted a long lost friend and all had smiles. 

Bounty Killer was looking dapper and weather appropriate in a casual jacket and jeans and was, also, looking rather confident and he went on to give one of his best performances ever in my humble opinion.

Backing him was his year to year band and year to year friends, Ruff Cut, who also did a wonderful job. 

Bounty Killer and the world famous Ruff Cut Band's years of performing together have honed them into a finely tuned music machine.

The band's ability to play right on point with Killer's performance truly elevated the night's entertainment experience. 

Mr. Price was in a very good mood and it spilled over onto the crowd. 

The artist was magnetic as he bounced around full of high energy and happiness. 

He performed hit after hit as his fans enjoyed. 

Angel Doolas, Killer's constant collaborator and long time friend, joined the stage to help Bounty Killer serenade the ladies.

The two even performed their latest girl tune "Reach Fast" which was loudly approved of by the patrons.

The ever outspoken Bounty Killer mentioned a few of his concerns about Jamaica's political issues as he said that both political parties weren't meeting society's needs and the two parties need to both do better.

He, also, spoke to some of the ladies whom he congratulated for keeping their dignity over the years as he said that he has known some women over 15 years and he has never seen them "sketel" out themselves in all those years and that to this day he still likes them.

Bounty Killer was a very different Bounty Killer last Tuesday night. 

His honest enjoyment and his more mature attitude was obvious to all and it was contagious as the crowd could not help but join him in his joy.

Killer truly showed why he is an Icon. 

His usual energetic performance was taken to another level as he just enjoyed himself and the show.

It was truly another step into the future for Bounty Killer and the crowd was given a glimpse of the greatness that is still to come from Mr. Rodney Price.

And just when the crowd thought the show couldn't get any better Bounty Killer was joined on stage by none other than Beenie Man.

Together Beenie Man and Bounty Killer did their own new collaboration to the crowds' delight.

The two massive Dancehall stars have decided again to bury the hatchet and they have cemented the deal with their new song titled "Legendary" and the crowd responded with huge cheers.

Tis the season for goodwill toward men and the two old rivals proved it at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records that night. 

Bounty Killer performed for over two hours and the time truly flew by as time does when your having fun because before you knew it Killer was gone and the crowd was sad to see him go but still on a natural high from him as they slowly glided out the doors.

Out to support Bounty Killer were all the beautiful people and I was able to spot Bounty Killer's long time friend Nitty Kutchie chilling the crowd.

Beenie Man's long time business partner Rohan Smith of MD Entertainment, the British Crew and NYC based Ms. Natalie Bloom, CEO of The Extraordinaire Group, who is currently on the island for business, were also in the packed venue.

I was lucky enough to even get a kiss on my check by my long time friend, none other than one of Ruff Cut's own, Mr. Nigel Staff.

I, also, spotted the ever pleasant and good looking winner of Digicel Rising Stars Singing Contest 2005 Christopher Martin.

Tracks and Records' own big man, Dr. The Hon. Usain Bolt St. Leo ODOJ was also in attendance hanging with Christopher Martin who is one of Bolt's besties.

The night was truly ├╝ber hot and now as I look back I truly do not think I have seen a better Bounty Killer performance and I have seen many.

Hats off to the Tracks and Records crew. 

They did it again. 

And hats off to Bounty Killer.

It was a real pleasure to see how my year to year artist just keeps getting better.

Bounty Killer's love for his fans was shown again as he was there for his fans. 

As usual. 

But in a very happy new way. 

And hats off to Bounty Killer's fans. 

They are always there for Bounty Killer and they showed it. 

As usual.

It was an awesome way to start the holiday season. 

Sorry to all who missed out. 

And happy holidays to all who did show up to support Kingston's live music scene and happy holidays to all who didn't, too.  

Enjoy your holiday. 

And may your Christmas be full of Christ.

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