Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Jigga's Made In America

Saturday the fourth of September. 

Hot time summer in the city.   

There was an indigo sky full of stars.

And about a million singing people. 

I reached the Budweiser "Made in America" Festival and was smiling. 

My hot shower woke me up, like, whoa, so I was great to go. 

A little birdie told me to go to the festival so I went. 

Even knowing that this would be the last little bit of the MIA festival held at the foot of the beautiful Philadelphia Art Museum did not dampen my high spirits. 

And I came to enjoy myself so...

As I walked in the VIP entrance, the last band of the night was already performing. 

And the crowd still was not tired after two days of festivities and partying and they were loving this moment. 

And I just reach. 


The band was truly gifted and sounded super. 

I didn't find out until the next day that that was Coldplay performing. 


Know the band but didn't know the song or what they all looked like. 


I just knew I loved what they were doing and so did the crowd. 

They sounded like a beautiful choir as Coldplay delivered.

All to soon the spectacular show was over and the crowd lingered in their leave taking but I moved toward backstage to see what was what. 

President Clinton had been there earlier I found out. 


VIP was at a senior level all day and all night it seemed. 

The breeze was warm and the night was young. 

Had a ball.

I wonder whose idea it was to hold a two day festival on the almost official last weekend of the summertime in my hometown and mighty thanks to them. 

I guess they thought I needed a reason to cum home.


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