Sunday, 4 September 2016

Now Let Me See

Now let me see 

the level of hell 

where the Good Lord

places me. 

Finally the time 

has come. 

Finally the race 

is done. 

Closing my eyes 

with a slight smile. 

The wait is over.

The guessing done. 

Now I will know. 

No longer just 


A tear for leaving

you and you and you. 

I wish it wasn't something 


I had to do

so soon

and this is true. 

The excitement of this 

final time 

has arrived. 

Sadly I say my goodbyes.

There is no time 

to cry. 

New things have begun. 

In front of me


Behind me dimming. 

No more guessing. 

Hoping for a blessing. 

See my Good Lord there. 

I am smiling slightly. 

I go forth brightly. 

As I leave behind 

all that 

I have ever known

And walk bravely 

to the no longer 


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