Friday, 23 September 2016

The Buckle Buckles

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. 

Laying down thinking of


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. 

Nothing else to do.

Lazy day. 

Cool in the shade. 

Not a care.

Nary a worry. 

Just thoughts of you.

Thoughts of your taste. 

Thoughts of your you. 

I close my eyes 


see your face.

And pick a memory, 

a story, 

starring I and you.  

And what a lovely one 

I choose, too.

In my mind I see my hand


You laying back 



My fingers pulled hard.



my knuckles. 

The buckle buckles.




becoming one. 

The same way we did

that day under the sun.  

I remember it well.

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My secret always. 

Would never tell. 

The need that day


no longer be denied. 

You watching me 


even a smile.

You laying back as I sat up. 

You laying back as 

I slid down. 

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. 

The only sound.

As I lay here 

lost in my mind. 

This vision of you more 

heady than wine. 

I remember your fingers.

I remember their grip. 

Keeping me steady. 

Not wanting me to slip. 

As they pulled me closer

and closer

by my hips. 

So lovely your tongue 

tasted between my lips. 

Oh, sweet memory. 

Teasing me into a frenzy.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. 

Thoughts of you 

flying through 

my head 

making me almost dizzy.

Watching you in my head 

as you lay there 


No rushing then. 

You in no mood to

even pretend 


you wanted to

see me go away 

too quickly.

I see it all. 

As I lay here 


at all sleepy.  

I feel you rise. 

You have taken over 

my mind. 

I taste your warning on

my lips. 

Your fingers now just 

grip and grip. 

On my name 

whispered out

of your mouth 

I sip and sip. 

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. 

The bee's wings 

sings as

he flies over me. 

Me laying down here

lost in between

a memory and reality.


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