Sunday, 2 October 2016


Well, Ziggy was hot like fire.

Everything I could have hope for.
Went in late as usual but...

The man was already into the groove when I reached and that made it even nicer.

I can only wonder where Bob was as his son shined.

Ziggy's band and back-up singers were a sight to behold.

The wall to wall people made the place look heavenly.

The non-stop singing along with the massive crowd with Mr. Ziggy, himself, must have made David Nesta Marley's night.

I can only imagine how Ziggy's skillful control of the guitar and the whole thing must be a mind blowing experience.

The show was truly a work of reggae gold and I had a ball.

Everywhere was vip and the Fillmore clientele were in their glory.

Everywhere there had a camera and every face had a smile.

He sang all his hits and a few new ones, too.

Love is truly my religion and love was all I had for the eldest son of the Honourable Robert Nesta Marley OM .

Mr. Ziggy's birthday which is October the 17th is a week after mine and let me be the first to wish him all the best for his special day.

Happy birthday, daddy.

May you have many many more.

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