Monday, 21 December 2015

Back To Grunggaadzilla's

I went on the road last night. 

My hottie hottie British niece just flew in, so, of course, we went out.

And, since, it was a Sunday night we went to Back To Sundays.

Which is what Hennessy Bounty Sundays started out as when it first began in Seaview. 

Bounty Killer's Sunday night/Monday morning party began a good amount of years ago. 

I have attended it for so many years I can't even remember how many it is now. 


It then moved to the Village Cafe and then to the club formerly known as Asylum. 

The weekly party moved one more time after Asylum but it has now found a home at Escape Nightclub on Knutfords Boulevard in New Kingston.  


So since it was a Sunday night I carried my niece to the hottest party on a Sunday night.   

Like Shabba Ranks said "in Jamaica there's a party" and it is true for every night of the week. 


On any given day, Monday to Monday, there are at least three parties for the Dancehall crew to go to.

An early party, a middle party and a late party. 

Bounty Sundays is all three parties in one because it starts early and finishes late. 

The early bird gets the best spots to stand up in. 


We reached at around 2:30 and  the place was full already. 

The place was jumping.  

Killer was in residence in the VIP area around back looking relaxed and all around the building were Jamaica's well known dancehall supporters and Jamaica's stars. 

In the house was Macka Diamond, K-Queens, the real Big Wayne, Iraya, Marlon Binns, the bad boy Trevor, Craig "the young lion" Ross and many more. 

The dancers were out in their numbers. 

Shelly Belly and his crew were there and in top form, also. 


And I even spotted John Hype in the place 


I got a chance to ask him when he was going back in the studio and he said very soon. 


Can't wait. 

His first song was hot. 


My niece had a ball and even got her picture taken by Jamaica's hottest photographer, Nick, from 

The party was hype and it went on until the wee hours of the morn. 

When I finally reached home the sun was peeping in my bedroom curtains. 

Had a ball, though. 


As usual. 

Back to Sundays has been the place for the hottest new tunes and the place for of all the Alliance crew to kick back on a Sunday night for years now and it just gets better.  

Can't wait for the next time I go back to Back To.   


Big up to all the real supporters and big up all the groupie gal that stayed home last night. 

And boo to the all groupie gal that didn't. 



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