Monday, 21 December 2015




A cool word. 

insanity[ in-san-i-tee ]

noun [plural in·san·i·ties.]

1. the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind.

Compliments of

A condition of derangement. 

Sounds hot. 

A cool condition. 

It must be because people enjoy it. 

Jumping from an airplane. 

Having unprotected sex. 

Believing that the person who hurt you a million times won't hurt you again. 

Buying the entire outfit instead of paying the bills this month. 

Swimming with anything that has teeth. 

The list would wrap around the world a billion times. 


We all have done something insane. 

Most likely more than once. 

We will all most likely do something that is completely insane again. 

And again. 

Some things we just have to do again. 


Some things are just so damn sweet that we feel as if we will surely die

a horrible death if we don't do it, at least, one more time. 

Like that first night with him. 

Or for some with her. 

Or for others with them. 

We slowly close our eyes and Bang!!! 

We are right back there again. 

But then we realize we are just drowning. 

I mean dreaming. 

But still we keep our now heavy eyes closed. 

Locked completely in insanity. 

We lick our suddenly dry lips. 

Deep down there starts to clench. 

We may even give a slight quiet moan. 

It was insane for whatever reason it was. 

It was something we shouldn't have done but, oh, the sweetness of it. 

Oh, the bliss of it. 

We want it again. 

We need it again. 

We will surely die now if we don't get it 





Cold, harsh and stern reality hits us in that insane moment,

of us sitting there with our eyelids half closed and as our bodies are feeling very needy,

and it just drives us even more insane. 

Sweet insanity. 

Oh, so delicious. 

Oh, so tasty. 

That, yes. 

Yes, you can almost taste it. 

Well, then maybe that insane moment was well worth the insanity that follows. 

What do you think? 

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