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Trust and Believe





Here is another old article, if you don't mind, but since Easter is upon us again it seems fitting.

I wrote it right before the Easter of 2013.

Almost a whole year ago.

Oy vey shmeer.

Oh, woe is me.

How times flies, eh?

When I looked at it again to blog it here it really reminded me, again, to just The Lord we will be alright.

It might not be easy but He will be there with you.

So I hope this helps you to remember that we all can do all things through God who strengthens us.

Morning, all.

Please to let me tell you about my morning thus far.

I woke up and went on Facebook this sunny Jamaica morning around seven to see what was what in the social network world that day and as I was scrolling down I came across a picture captioned "Trusting in God since 1776."

The picture had just some coins pictured on it and some of which said liberty but I knew that the caption was referring to American coins.

I thought to myself that I have not held American coins like that in a long while and wondered if I would ever touch them again.

I tweeted the picture with a simple statement that said "my country".

I tweeted it because America and I have always trusted in God.

Truly, most Americans trust in God.

And I needed to share that with the twitter world.

Then I went to eat some raisin bran and after the cereal I went to take out my garbage.

The man of the house, earlier that morning, had put the big blue garbage can at the road side to be collected so I had to come out of the yard to the roadside where the trash can was to dispose of my trash and as I walked to drop my trash in the can Kaboom, my little black and white shih tzu, followed me out.

Kaboom is used to me walking him across the road to assist him in his never-ending effort to mark across the road in an effort to piss off the big dogs that live across there so I dutifully walked him across the road as I normally would and leaned against the wall as he did his pissing off.

I was chatting on the phone with an old friend who had just given me 30 fresh, lush and vibrate palm leafs.

I had taken palms to church with me the previous Saturday to be blessed.

I am Roman Catholic.

Which means I'm a horrible sinner that is on a lifetime mission to try to be a holier person.



I had taken the palms from my old friend so they could be blessed and used for the coming Sunday.

The coming Sunday being Palm Sunday.
Of course.

The blessed palms are to be given to the congregation to wave as they reenact the way the Jewish people heralded Jesus as He came into Jerusalem for the last time to be killed by those same people only days later.

But I digress.

Anyway, again.

As I was thanking my old friend for her palms I glanced around

My eyes landed here and there as I minded Kaboom, too.

Still leaning on the wall I looked down on the ground and saw something very shiny.

Looking closer my eyes saw shiny silver coins.

Shiny shiny coins sparkling under the bright Jamaican sun.

I stared in almost amazement at the coins that where just scattered there in the dirt that is the sidewalks of a lot of Kingston, Jamaica.


Low and behold, there laying in the dirt were American coins and as I picked them up I also came across some Jamaican quarters and some Jamaican pennies.

And also in the dirt were two Cayman Island coins and one Jamaican gaming token.

I picked up all of the American coins, the Cayman Island coins and the Jamaican gaming token.

I then took a picture of them in my hand and then I took a picture of the spot on the ground where I found them with the Jamaican one dollars coins still laying there.


Jamaican one dollar coins are not even accepted at most stores.

No reason to pick up them.

At all.

Maybe I could have taken them up and made a copper shot.

But I didn't need any copper shot at that present moment.



I called my little dog and walked back across the street and back in the yard feeling little lucky.

As I walked down the driveway with the coins jiggling in my hand I stopped short as I thought of the picture I posted an hour before that said "Trusting in God since 1776".

There I was, standing in the driveway, with the shiny silver coins from "my country" in my hand that I had just wondered earlier if I would ever hold again.
God had just given them to me.
Just like that.
Shiny American coins that I had just seriously wondered if I would ever live long enough to hold again were sitting in the palm of my hand.
The same way God has the whole world in His Hand.

All I hath needed Thy hand has provided.

There was the clear sounds of American coins rattling together in my hand ringing sharply in my now very attentive ears giving testimony to that fact.

The heavy American coins in my now almost trembling palm were a weighty reminder of the Facebook picture's caption "trusting in God" to me.

The first thought that had come to my mind earlier when I seen the picture was not of monetary value.

My first thought when I saw the coins the first time on Facebook was "Trust in God".

Standing in the burning bright Jamaican sun my feeling of being a little lucky burst into a feeling of immense luckiness.

My shiny silver coins suddenly became more valuable than gold.

They were a gift from my God to me.

The American coins would have mattered, really, only to an American.

No Jamaican person would think they were that special.
The coins were just about worthless at here.

I, an American, had found a handful of American coins that represented American and I trusting in God on a lonely road in Kingston, Jamaica, on a bright sunny morning.

After I just posted the picture of that same awesome thought less than an hour before.

The biggest coin, in my hand in the picture, was dated 1972.

It is called a fifty cent piece.

That year is special to me because of a personal reason.

So my finding the coins had an even more personal meaning to me.

American me in Kingston, Jamaica found a specially dated American coin after I had the privilege of posting that picture that reminded me to trust God.

When I think of all the times I leaned almost in that same spot I am amazed I never found them before but then I remembered that this was almost the beginning of Holy Week.

What greater time to tell us all to trust in God?


I am blessed and apparently we all are.

Trust in God.

He cares.

To me it seems like a miracle.

Maybe to others it is not so special.


I prefer to believe in the promises of my Abba.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holy Easter Season.
The peace of Christ be with your and yours.

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