Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Win Win Situation

I used to feel very oppressed when getting dressed to go out with so-called friends.


Because they all dressed a mess and expected me, too, 

Ask them what they are wearing and you hear, "jeans and a tee-shirt". 


Isn't that cute. 

But why the hell would I want to go out dressed in the clothes I normally wear daily? 

Everybody else will be wearing jeans is one of their loser replies. 

I do not care what everyone else is wearing.

And then when I get dressed in a dress and heels they feel under dressed, insecure and blame it on fabulous me.

Is it my fault that I do not like to wear jeans every second of the day?

Is it my fault I like high heels daily?

And even when I am not going out I still want to wear heels, dresses and look pretty. 

I am not saying I hate jeans or that I do not wear them to go out. 

I am saying that jeans are not the only article of clothing in my world. 

And I am, also, saying do not be mad at me because I like to dress up and you like to wear jeans. 

It is so irritating to have to defend my dressing the way I want to. 

It is, also, so annoying to be all dressed up next to someone in jeans and looking like an infant. 

I am not ten. 

I do not care if my feet are going to hurt. 

I do not care if everyone else will be dressed a mess like my so-called friends. 

I do not care if you can not be bothered to dress like a grown woman. 

Give me a break. 

Why do I have to look a mess like all of you?

Do you and let me always look better dressed than you.


A win win situation.

You are "happy" looking like crap next to me and so am I.


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