Thursday, 10 March 2016


Don't let me down. 

John Lennon. 

The bad boy from The Beatles. 

He was a hard rock but Yoko Ono done him so good when she really done him that his hard rock attitude seemed to melt away. 

Like hot lava. 

He was a musician, singer, and songwriter. 

He was a writer and an artist, too. 

John was born October 9th in the year of 1940. 

He was a Libra. 

Like me. 

As a matter of fact his birthday is the day before mine.   


Decades earlier. 

Of course. 


He was not a nice person. 

All the time. 

Like me. 

He formed the Beatles and John was the younger Beatles members' idol. 

He was older and witty and they were almost in awe of him. 

John Lennon was a fighter and not really a lover. 

Until he met Yoko Ono. 

His childhood had left him used to doing his own thing. 

And love wasn't one of those things. 

His parents separated when he was young and John grew up feeling, basically, alone. 

He went to live with his mother's older sister after their separation. 

John was a free thinker and he had a habit of speaking frankly. 

His music, whether, solo or with various groups, has touched people deeply 


Although he was a hard rock on the outside inside he was a very loving person which comes through in his lyrical content

And he wasn't afraid to let his real feelings show. 

He sang of war, love, joy, envy and pain. 

He sang of life.  

He opened himself up and poured out his emotions and didn't try to pretty them up. 

"She done me good" - John Lennon

He expressed how he felt and didn't hide behind the normal platitudes that we all express instead of honestly telling how we feel. 

John didn't say he was fine if he was not. 

He married young because he felt it was the right thing to do but his childhood never prepared him for the proper English marriage that his first wife wanted. 

By the time John met Yoko he was tired of trying to be what he couldn't be. 

Yoko Ono with her oriental foreign upbringing allowed John a way to have a family that was not the normal English family that he couldn't and wouldn't understand. 

Through the years John dated a lot of women and did a lot of drugs but he always seem to know when he needed to stop. 

His life was one of many ups 

and downs 

as is all of our lives but John touched and still touches people by his willingness to show his soul. 

He thought people were more concerned with the Beatles than with Jesus and he said it. 

He was Anglican so he would have been raised to believe in Christ so I doubt if John meant any disrespect to Jesus. 

But that was John. 

He felt it so he said it. 

Or he sung it. 

To me John Lennon was one of the greatest. 

His way of expressing himself was honest, tough and, sometimes, painful. 

He let you feel what he was feeling by his dry but vivid lyrics. 

I wish he was still alive.

He was a real man. 

Strong but weak. 

But stronger than his weaknesses. 

He turns me on. 

I'd do him. 

Rest in peace, daddy. 

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